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Ben Harper - Get Up! - Co-producer, Engineer, Mixer
Rickie Lee Jones - The Devil You Know - production, engineer, mixer, bass
Rickie Lee Jones - Balm In Gilead - Co-producer, engineer
Sweet Relief III: Pennies From Heaven - producer, engineer, mixer
Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down - recorded, mixed
The Village - engineer, mixer for Rickie Lee Jones
Penelope Fortier - Sunday At Noon - producer, engineer, mixer
Eleni Mandell - Artificial Fire - addt'l engineered
Eleni Mandell - Miracle Of Five - engineer
Eleni Mandell - I Can See The Future - engineer-add'l prod (bgv's)
Eleni Mandell - Dark Lights Up -producer, engineer, mixer
The Living Sisters - Run For Cover - producer, engineer, mixer
The Living Sisters - Love To Live - producer, engineer, mixer
The Living Sisters - Harmony Is Real - producer, engineer, mixer
Plain White T's - Wonders Of The Younger - engineer
Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger - producer, engineer, mixer, bass
Warpaint - The Fool - mix assistant
Watkins Family Hour - producer, engineer, mixer
Peter Case - Hwy 62 - producer, engineer, mixer
Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones - Little Windows - engineer, mixer
Jonah Tolchin - Thousand Mile Night - engineer, mixer
Tom Brosseau - North Dakota Impressions - mixer
God Don't Never Change:The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson - producer, engineer, mixer for Rickie Lee Jones
Joseph Arthur - The Ballad Of Boogie Christ - engineer
Joseph Arthur - The Graduation Ceremony - engineer
Joseph Arthur - The Family - engineer
Steve Forbert - Over With You - engineer, mixer, bass
Tina Schlieske - Slow Burn - producer/engineer, mixer, bass by Sheldon
Tina Schlieske - Evil Gal Blues - producer/engineer, mixer, bass by Sheldon
The Bonebrake Syncopators - That Da-Da Swing - producer, engineer, mixer
The Grabs - sex, fashion, money - producer, engineer, mixer
Sean Watkins - All I Do Is Lie - engineer, mixer
Peter Himmelman - The Boat That Carries Us - record-producer, engineer
Peter Himmelman - Unstoppable Forces - Co-producer
Jonah Tolchin - Clover Lane - mixer
Don Heffington - engineer, mixer
Isabeau et les Checheurs D'Or - mixer
The Pascale Picard Band - All Things Pass - mixer
Haroula Rose - So Easy - producer, engineer, mixer
Larry Goldings - In My Room - engineer
Larry Goldings, Jay Bellerose, David Piltch - Music From The Front Room - engineer, mixer
Tim Lerch - The Carriage Sessions Volume One - engineer, mixer
Bruce Forman - The Book Of Forman - engineer
Ken Lasaine - KL4 - engineer
Jackson Browne Tribute-artist-The Watkins Family Hour - Looking Into You - engineer, mixer
Jason Molina Farewell Transmission - Jonah Tolchin - producer, engineer, mixer
Les Colettes - Children - Producer
Useless Keys - Is The Painting Changing - producer-engineer
Liz Pappademas - Television City - recorded, mixed
Elizaveta - Breakfast With Chopin - mixed
Elizaveta - engineer, mixer
Catherine Feeny and Chris Johnedis - co-producer, engineer
Howard Tate - engineer
Les Deux Love Orchestra - Ecstacy - recorded bass
Isaac Watters - Parachute Tramps - engineer, mixer
The Green And Yellow TV -Sinister Barrier - producer, engineer, mixer
Heather Waters - Shadow of You - producer, engineer, mixer
Heather Waters - Propeller - Engineer, co-producer
The Low Stars - engineer, co-producer
The Radishes - Strychnine EP - engineer
Adam Wyle - Expectation Bridge - producer, engineer, mixer
Jim Bianco - Steady - engineer
Jim Bianco - Sing - engineer
Scrote - engineer
Kristen Toedtman -The Fall - Producer, engineer, mixer, bass
Erik Janson - Morning In Paradise - engineer
Emith - 13 seasons - producer, engineer, mixer
Joshua James - engineer
The Gigolo Aunts - producer, engineer, mixer
John Rajewski - engineer
Jeff Young - Songs From the Little Red Wurlitzer - engineer, producer
Jude - Redemption - producer, engineer, mixer
Minnie Driver - Everything I've Got In My Pocket - engineer, bass
Shayne Blue - Some Company - producer, engineer, mixer
Wil Seabrook - One Dozen Summers - engineer
Electones - Take Two - producer, engineer, mixer
Ken Milton Usui - engineer
Luke Spehar - All Is Gift - producer, engineer, mixer(produced with Ben Harper)
Madison Cunningham - mixer
Haberdashery - Illuminated Road - mixed
Dirk Hamilton - More Songs From My Cool Life - engineered
Sugar Knives - (featuring Brett Anderson) - engineered
Peter Salett/Larry Goldings - The Carriage House Sessions - engineered, mixed
Io Perry - Sailor's Wave - engineered
This Is The State - Stories From Hell - produced, mixed
Alex Rhodes - engineer/mixer/bass
Danny Frankel-The Innerplanetary Note Beat Conference - producer, engineer, mixer
Claudia Russell - engineer
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