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Adam Wyle -   Proof 
Adam Wyle - Expectation Bridge
Alex Rhodes -
Amilia K. Spicer - Seamless
Andy If - Memories of Connecticut 
recorded discography Annie Rapid - Flood 
Anny Celsi - Little Black Dress & Other Stories
Beck - Kill the Moonlight Soundtrack
Beth Thornley - My Glass Eye
Beth Wimmer -  Live Within, Live Without
Bob Haworth - After All These Years
Bruce Diehl - Better Late Than Never
Candypants - Candypants
Chris Joyner - Loved  
Chris Seefried - Denim Blue
Chris Spedding - Wayne Kramer Presents: Beyond Cyberpunk
Chris Stills -  Last Stop
Claire Holley - Hush
Clare Muldaur -  Sweetheart
Crosby Tyler - 10 Songs Of America Today
Danny Paradise - River of the Soul
Darran Falcone - Ghost Train
Debi Derryberry - What A Way To Play
Dirk Hamilton - More Songs From My Cool Life
Dogpark - the Dogpark Yuletide Sampler
Duke McVinnie - Not For Production
Dulcie Taylor - Other Side of the Bed
Dulcie Taylor - Diamond & Glass
Eleni Mandell - Thrill  
Eleni Mandell - Snakebite
Elizaveta - Breakfast With Chopin
Emith - 13 Seasons
Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down
Five for Fighting - America Town  
Garrison Starr - Songs From Take off to Landing  
Grant Lee Phillips - Virginia Creeper
Grey DeLisle - Iron Flowers
Grey DeLisle - Graceful Ghost
Grey DeLisle - Homewrecker
Haroula Rose - So Easy
Heather Waters - Shadow of You
Heather Waters - Propeller
Io Perry - Sailor's Wave
Isaac Watters - Parachute Tramps
Jeff Young - Songs From The Little Red Wurlitzer
Jim Bianco - Steady
Jon Rajewski - Still Yes
Joseph Arthur - The Graduation Ceremony
Jude - Redemption
Kristen Toedtman - The Fall
Les Deux Love Orchestra - King Kong
Les Deux Love Orchestra - Les Deux Love Orchestra
Les Deux Love Orchestra - Ecstacy
Mandy Moore - Coverage (Limited w/DVD)  
Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger
Mason South - 3 Rooms
Michael Penn - Mr. Hollywood, Jr. 1947
Michael Starr - What A Way To Play
Mikki Brisk -  Cowgirl Christmas
Minnie Driver - Everything I've Got In My Pocket
Moberlys - Moberlys' First Album  
Mt. Egypt - Perspectives
Neshama Carlebach - Dancing With My Soul
Penelope Fortier - Sunday At Noon
Peter Himmelman
- Imperfect World     
Peter Himmelman - Unstoppable Forces
Peter Himmelman - My Lemonade Stand
Peter Himmelman - Mission Of My Soul; The Best Of
Phil Cody - The Sons of Intemperance Offering  
Phil Cody - Big Slow Mover  
Phil Cody - The Mad Dog Sessions
Ralston Bowles - Carwreck Conversations
Ramsay Midwood - Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant
Rickie Lee Jones - The Devil You Know
Rickie Lee Jones - Duchess Of Coolsville An Anthology
Rickie Lee Jones -  Party Of Five Soundtrack
Ryan Adams - Demolition  
Shivaree -  Corrupt and Immoral Transmissions
Steve Forbert - Over With You
Sweet Relief III - Pennies From Heaven
The Living Sisters - Love To Live
The Dark Bob -
      Lewis MacAdams and The Dark Bob Dear Oxygen
The Dark Bob - Intifadadavida
The Dark Bob -  Kingdom Come
The Dark Bob -  When I Grow Up To Be A Man
The Dark Bob - Stoked
The Green And Yellow TV - Sinister Barrier
This Is The State - Stories From Hell
Tina Schlieske - Slow Burn
Tina Schlieske - Evil Gal Blues
Various Artists -
      Festival of Light, Vol. 2
Peter Himmelman and Neshama Carlebach
Various Artists -
      A Jam Band Tribute to the Allman Brothers - David Kalish
Various Artists -
      Trampoline Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
- Peter Himmelman
Various Artists -
      The Jam Band Tribute to Frank Zappa
- David Kalish
Various Artists - Sounds Eclectic  
Various Artists - Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute - Ryan Adams
Various Artists - Grammy Nominees 2002  -  Five For Fighting
Victoria Williams/The Creek Dippers - Mystic Theater
Warren Zevon - My Ride's Here
Wil Seabrook - One Dozen Summers

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