P · producer / E · engineer / M · mixer

Ben Harper / Ben HarperP*/E/M*co-produced with Ben Harper
Ben Harper With Charlie Musselwhite / Get Up!P*/E/M*co-produced with Ben Harper, The R7, and Chris Goldsmith
Ben Harper-Peter CaseP
Rickie Lee Jones / Rickie Lee JonesP/E/M
Rickie Lee Jones / The Devil You Know - Track 4P/E/M/**bass
Rickie Lee Jones / Balm In GileadP*/E/M*co-produced Track 8 W/Rickie Lee Jones
Rickie Lee Jones / God Don't Never Change:The Songs Of Blind Willie JohnsonP/E/M
Fiona Apple / The Watkins Family HourP/E/M
Blake MillsE/M
Fistful Of Mercy / As I Call You DownE/M/**recorded
Genevieve ToupinP/E/M
The Watkins Family Hour - Jackson Browne Tribute Record - Looking Into YouP/E/M
Jonah Tolchin / Clover LaneM
Jonah Tolchin / Thousand Mile NightE/M
Jonah Tolchin / Jason Molina Farewell TransmissionP/E/M
Joseph ArthurP/E/M
Joseph Arthur / The Ballad Of Boogie ChristE
Joseph Arthur / The FamilyE
Joseph Arthur / The Graduation CeremonyE
kd LangP/E/M
Richard ThompsonP/E/M
Ron SexsmithP/E/M
Ryan Adams/Mandy MooreP/E/M
Sam PhillipsP/E/M
Larry GoldingsE
Larry Goldings / In My RoomE
Larry Goldings, Jay Bellerose, David Piltch / Music From The Front Room*E/M*add'l engineering
The Living Sisters / Love To LiveP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon, Eleni Mandell, Inara George, And Becky Stark
The Living Sisters / Run For CoverP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon, Eleni Mandell, Inara George, And Becky Stark
The Living Sisters / Harmony Is RealP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon, Eleni Mandell, Inara George, And Becky Stark
Eleni Mandell / Eleni MandellP/E/M
Eleni Mandell / Dark Lights UpP/E/M
Eleni Mandell / Artificial FireE**addt'l engineered
Eleni Mandell / I Can See The FutureP*/E*add'l prod (bgv's)
Eleni Mandell / Miracle Of FiveE
Los LobosE/M
Lucinda WilliamsP/E/M
Mark EitzelP/E/M
Mark Eitzel / Don't Be A StrangerP/E/M/**bass
Mark Olson (Of The Jayhawks)E/M
Minnie Driver / Everything I've Got In My PocketE/**bass
Peter CaseP/E/M
Peter Case / Hwy 62P/E/M
Peter Case-Ben HarperE/M
Peter HarperP/E/M
Peter Himmelman / Unstoppable ForcesP*/E/M*produced by Peter and Sheldon
Peter Himmelman / The Boat That Carries UsP*/E/M*produced by Peter and Sheldon
Plain White T's / Wonders Of The YoungerE
Sean And Sara Watkins / Watkins Family HourP/E/M
Sean WatkinsE
Sean Watkins / All I Do Is LieE/M
She & Him (ZOOEY Deschanel & M. Ward)P/E/M
Shelby LynneP/E/M
St Vincent (THE Living Sisters Bg Vocal Tracks)E/M
Steve Forbert / Over With YouE/M/**bass
Sweet Relief III: Pennies From HeavenP/E/M
Teddy Thompson-Kelly Jones / Little WindowsE/M
The Gigolo AuntsP/E/M
The Low StarsP*/E/M*co-producer
The Pascale Picard Band / All Things PassM
The VillageE/M**engineer, mixer for Rickie Lee Jones
The Watkins Family HourE/M
The Watkins Family Hour With Fiona AppleE/M
Tina Schlieske (Tina And The B-Side Movement) / Evil Gal BluesP/E/M**bass by Sheldon
Tina Schlieske (Tina And The B-Side Movement) / Slow BurnP/E/M**bass by Sheldon
North Dakota Impressions / North Dakota ImpressionsM
Victoria WilliamsP/E/M
WarpaintE**assistant mix engineer
Willie WatsonP/E/M
Zooey DeschanelE/M
Madison CunninghamM
Minnie Driver / Everything I've Got In My PocketE/**bass
Zooey DeschanelE/M
Adam Wyle / Expectation BridgeP/E/M
Alex RhodesE
Alpha Beta (Brett Anderson, Asa Ferry)E/M
Amilia K SpicerE
Amy CookP**produced by Sheldon and Barry Goldberg
Angela MccluskeyE
Aoede / What Are Dreams Made OfE
Becky Stark-Zooey DeschanelE/M
Bob HillmanE/M
Brendan JamesE
Brian CanningP/E/M
Bruce Forman / The Book Of FormanE
Cabin JohnP/E
Catherine FeenyP/E/M
Catherine Feeny And Chris JohnedisP*/E*co-producer
Celeigh ChapmanE/M
Charlie WadhamsP/E/M
Chet DixonE
Chloe TemtchineE
Chris SeefriedM
Cindylee BerryhillP/E/M
Claire HolleyE
Claudia RussellE
Danny Frankel / The Innerplanetary Note Beat ConferenceP/E/M
Danny Frankel/Nels Cline/Larry GoldingsP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon and Danny Frankel
David ImmergluckE
Dawn Thomas/AdrienneE/M
Dhani HarrisonE/M
Dirk Hamilton / More Songs From My Cool LifeE
Don HeffingtonE/M
Dylan BeanP
Electones / Take TwoP/E/M
Eleni Mandell / Miracle Of FiveE
Eli SmartP/E/M
Elizaveta / Breakfast With ChopinM
Ellex BreeP/E/M
Emith / 13 SeasonsP/E/M
Erik Janson / Morning In ParadiseE
Eva De RoovereE/M
Fiction NationP/E/M
Fistful Of Mercy / As I Call You DownE/M/**recorded
Garrison StarrP/E/M
Genevieve ToupinP/E/M
Grey DelisleE/M
Haberdashery / Illuminated RoadM
Haroula Rose / So EasyP/E/M
Heather Waters / PropellerP*/E*co-producer
Heather Waters / Shadow Of YouP/E/M
Helen SlaterP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon and Danny Frankel
Hey, KingE/M
Howard TateE
Io Perry / Sailor's WaveE
Isaac Watters / Parachute TrampsE/M
Isabeau Et Les Checheurs D'orM
Jackson Browne - Tribute-Artist / The Watkins Family Hour - Looking Into YouP/E/M
Jd FortuneE/M
Jeanne JollyP*/E/M*produced by Shawn Davis, Jeanne Jolly and Sheldon
Jeff Young / Songs From The Little Red WurlitzerP/E
Jill SobuleE
Jim BiancoP*/E*produced by Sheldon and Barry Goldberg
Jim Bianco / SingE
Jim Bianco / SteadyE
Joe PurdyP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon, Joe Purdy
Joey LawrenceE/M
John FerranteE/M
Jon Peter LewisE
John GregoryP/E/M
Jon RajewskiE
Joshua JamesE
Jude / RedemptionP/E/M
Julie GribbleP/E/M
Julie RhodesE/M
Justin ClaytonP*/E*produced by Sheldon and Justin Clayton
Kathleen GraceP/E/M
Kathleen Grace And Larry GoldingsE/M
Ken LasaineP/E/M
Ken Lasaine / Kl4E
Ken Milton UsuiE
Kip BoardmanP/E/M
Kriss LightP/E/M
Kristen ToedtmanP/E/M
Les ColettesM
Les Colettes / ChildrenP
Les Deux Love OrchestraE
Les Deux Love Orchestra / Ecstacy**recorded bass
Lexie ReinholdP/E/M
Linda GoodE
Liz PappademasE/M
Liz Pappademas / Television City*/M*recorded
Lizzie WeberP/E/M
Luke Spehar / All Is GiftP*/E/M*produced by Sheldon with Ben Harper
Lynne FiddmontE
Mike FreasE/M
Molly HanmerE
Mr. Invisible / Mr. InvisibleP
Nicky CorbettE
Nicky Corbett / To Lose A GirlE
Paris CarneyE/M
Paul CantelonE/M
Paul Cantelon -/ Vanessa Freebairn-SmithE/M
Penelope Fortier / Sunday At NoonP/E/M
Peter KavanaughE
Peter Salett - Larry Goldings / The Carriage House SessionsE/M
Ray DonE
Rupert ReidP
Rusty Truck (MARK Seliger) With Guest Artist Kenny Wayne ShepherdP/E/M
Scott Gates & Evan MarshallP/E/M
Serena Jewkes/Noel JewkesE/M
Shannon Edgar/Joshua JamesE
Shayne Blue / Some CompanyP/E/M
Sister RogersM
Souix SandbergP*/E*produced by Sheldon and Jesse Valenzuela
Steve BartonE/M
Steven Sather Scott (IRVING, The Afternoons)E/M
Steven Sather Scott And Brian CanningE/M
Sugar Knives - (Featuring Brett Anderson)E
Tariqh AconiE
The Bonebrake Syncopators / That Da-Da SwingP/E/M
The Electones / Take TwoP/E/M
The Gigolo AuntsP/E/M
The Grabs / Sex, Fashion And MoneyP/E/M
The Green And Yellow T.V. / Sinister BarrierP/E/M
The GreensP/E/M
The HangmenP/E/M
The Radishes / Strychnine EPE
The Red, Red SeaE/M
This Is The TownE/M
This Is The State / Stories From HellP/M
Tim LerchP/E/M
Tim Lerch / The Carriage Sessions Volume OneE/M
Tim SmartP/E/M
Tina Schlieske (Tina And The B-Side Movement) / Evil Gal BluesP/E/M**bass by Sheldon
Tina Schlieske (Tina And The B-Side Movement) / Slow BurnP/E/M**bass by Sheldon
Todd HawesP/E/M
North Dakota Impressions / North Dakota ImpressionsM
Tora Smart/Noel JewkesP
Tricia SykesP
Twin FightP/M
Useless KeysP/E/M
Victoria WilliamsP/E/M
WarpaintE**assistant mix engineer
Wayne HaughtE/M
Wil Seabrook / One Dozen SummersE
Willam BelliE/M
Willie WatsonP/E/M
Zach BroockeP
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